Modern Tintypes

Metal has a physical and tactile presence in its very nature. The tintype in its production from cold metal to light sensitive expressive potential speaks to this notion of transformation from latent object to realized matter. You can hold it and feel its weight, temperature, and surface nature of the emulsion.

My Process: An anodized steel plate is coated with a heated gelatin silver liquid emulsion. The plate is prepared by carefully pouring and rolling the emulsion around on and then allowing it to dry. A digital positive of a photo or composite is created using imaging software and then output on transparency film with a photo printer. The positive is then contact printed on the prepared plate and processed in a developer that allows the exposed areas to turn tan or brownish while leaving the unexposed areas the black color of the anodized steel plate. The image is fixed, washed and dried resulting in the finished tintype. Sometimes I add oil paint or run water over the image to further distort the resulting narrative.