Masking Identity

Several recent experiences have me thinking about identity and the sharing of the true self. I'm terribly disturbed by the apparent phoniness I see around me and indeed perpetuate myself in the name of being a polite member of society. These masks are part of the everyday compromises that we all seem to be willing to make in order to feign survival in the wholly unnatural social order that is the world of earning our livings and fitting in. This is the reason that people don't speak up and tell oppressive or even misguided individuals our true thoughts when asked for an opinion when money is in play. Pure simple survival. The very real fear of judgment and the repercussions of truly speaking ones mind in the environment of business causes us to create sub-personalities to deal more gracefully with these situations. How do we cast off these masks to become truly effective communicators who stand up for our ideals without completely alienating the other party?