A further exploration of process...

Version 3 on the Left Version 2 on the Right

An ongoing posting about process from 4 parent images to digital illustration and then completed historic process presentation. Installment 2.

After sitting with what I had deemed the "final" version of my sea goddess piece, something kept bugging me. I kept going back between my previously saved Version 2 and Version 3 and realized that something was lost in my digital painting of the face. While I liked the overall painterly effect in the sea, boat and hair, the face got a little over-done and contrasty. In version 2 it was a little more to my liking, so I decided to make a transparent copy of the facial area from there and overlay it on to version 3 to try to blend the two ideas.

Adding the facial overlay to Version 3

Version 4 on the Left and 2 on the Right

Once I was added the facial overlay I was a bit happier with the results but still needed some work. One of the critiques I got was that the last version had the shoulders in the water a little obscured, so I decided to address this by adding another transparent overlay, this time of the cloth area, to make it appear that the shoulders were slightly below the water.

With cloth layer added to water area.
Once the cloth was in place I felt a little better about the illustration and begin blending the overall image making slight tweaks in the levels balance and giving the water area where the cloth appears a more transparent quality. 

This addresses some of the areas I feel were lost between Versions 2 and 3. I'm still looking at the sail contrast on the right and am likely to add some depth there through a similar method but am now feeling this is almost complete as an illustration.

The next stage of the process will involve conversion to a transparent positive and printing in the darkroom. I typically present my illustrations in 2 forms, one as a digital print and the other as alternative process but I'm working on some techniques to present a physically layered piece. I will post my experiments here. Stay tuned!