Artist Talk - LVAA's Food for Thought

Kat Squared - tintype from digital positive 2007

I'm no stranger to stage fright, that's why I choose to be behind the camera instead of in front of it. So I surprised myself by agreeing to do an art talk for the Louisville Visual Art Association (LVAA), now which I find myself in preparations for. Artist talks are truly wonderful and I really love to hear about inspiration, motivations and the subtleties of craft from people who amaze me with their work and visions. So now I’m in this role and I have to admit that while I’m confident in my work, I’m a little nervous about following last month’s speaker Jim Grubola who did an intelligent and interesting presentation at LVAA’s Food for Thought. Jim’s talk was truly inspiring and covered his art historical inspiration, his love of grids and rendering reflections as well as photographic images of his real-world references for his art making. Not to mention that his speaking style was warm and unpretentious, and possessed an element of humor that left the audience with a good sense of his artwork and techniques. Indeed he will be a hard act to follow.

Still, I’m look forward to my presentation and know that the bar has been set pretty high. I believe I’m up to the task with only slight apprehension about speaking to a room of art-lovers and connoisseurs. My talk will focus primarily on my photographic work in historic processes and I hope to be as engaging a speaker as my predecessors in this Food for Thought program.

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