Scenes from Dystopia - The Examination

The thought of scrutiny and examination is always an uncomfortable place. Being helpless at the hands of someone you barely know when you are sick or injured is a place where primal fears can invade our thoughts. A gradual regression of humanity could allow certain individuals the capacity to delve into the darkest objectification. A biology laboratory where unchecked experimentation allows people to degenerate into cruelty - human vivisection.

Sinister Humor

I asked my friend to bring up some of his favorite props from his performance art to create a sort of cyberpunk / steam punk look for our shoot. Not only did he bring some great stuff (that I supplemented with a few of my own pieces), but he brought this cool woman with him who was willing to do some studio play. We had a great time and they both brought so much creativity and humor to the process. It's such a pleasure to work with such fun-loving people who have a sense of sinister humor. Totally what I was looking for. More from this night coming in future posts.