These video projects are in collaboration with recording artist Ethan Buckler of the Louisville, KY based band King Kong. All Rights Reserved.

Check out the latest project by King Kong - See the new music video that is a classic black and white mini movie merged with modern electro pop music. The video tells a story in 5 minutes.
King Kong's second music video experiment is all about living the life of pawnshop hustlers, wife beaters, beer drinkers, hard ass cops, and jealous spaghetti throwing hoochie mamas. Synched to a funky southern style electro pop techno flow, the musical hooks will sink deep into your blessed heart like some ornery bait on a catfish line.
King Kong's first music video starring lead singer Ethan Buckler takes you on a psycho electro journey into the mind of an insane, isolated, tormented, artistic, dirty laundry carrying around, striped pants wearing maniac, and you can dance with Ethan to that hypnotic beat. DJs should play this at the club!